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Rank: 103Level: ★★★
Burger Restaurant 3
Open up your own hamburger shop in this food game!
Rank: 212Level: ★★★
What's For Dinner?

Rank: 216Level: ★★★
Kitty Biscuit Factory

Rank: 226Level:
Hot Dog Bush
Make hot dogs for your customers in this food game!
Rank: 230Level: ★★★
Momma's Diner

Rank: 268Level: ★★★
Burger Restaurant 2

Rank: 287Level: ★★★
Cooking Mahjong

Rank: 333Level: ★★★
Papas Taco Mia!
Make tacos in this business game!
Rank: 365Level: ★★★★
Hot BBQ Party
Enjoy a hot barbeque in this cooking game!
Rank: 417Level: ★★
Buzy Sushi Bar

Rank: 441Level: ★★★
Papas Burgeria
Make burgers according to the orders in this cooking game!
Rank: 480Level: ★★
What's For Dinner? Second Serving

Rank: 498Level: ★★★
Burger Restaurant Express
Open your own hamburger shop! (There's more than just burgers on the menu!)
Don't mistake the color of the soft serve!
Rank: 515Level: ★★★★
Enjoy Your Love Cake
Make a cake as fast as you can in this sweets game!
Rank: 551Level: ★★
Puzzle Fruits

Rank: 567Level: ★★★
Burger Bar

Rank: 589Level: ★★★
Penguin Diner 2

Rank: 612Level: ★★★
Burger Shop

Rank: 638Level: ★★★
Sushi Quiz
Answer the questions to find out your sushi type in this divination game!
Rank: 638Level:
Lake Fishing2

Rank: 668Level:
Bar Salvation
Run your own American style bar in this business game!
Rank: 698Level: ★★★
Taco Bar
Make tacos in this tycoon game!
Manage your ingredients carefully!
Rank: 723Level: ★★★★
Pizza King 2

Rank: 744Level: ★★★★
Cake Creations
Decorate the cake in this fun game!
Rank: 770Level: ★★★
Doll House Cake Cooking

Rank: 770Level:
Baileys Beach Shack
Run your own beach cafe in this business game!
Rank: 839Level: ★★★
Happy Gardner

Rank: 883Level: ★★★
Fairy Cafe

Rank: 883Level: ★★★
Yingbaobao Ramen Shop

Rank: 883Level: ★★★
Melon Games
Erase the fruit in this kids game! Connect three or more to erase them!
Rank: 918Level: ★★
Crazy Farm
Harvest the vegetables in this fun game!
Rank: 969Level: ★★
Burger Restaurant

Rank: 1021Level: ★★★
Cocktail Girl

Rank: 1021Level: ★★★
Wallace & Gromit: Top Bun

Rank: 1097Level: ★★★
Italian Pizza Match

Rank: 1097Level: ★★★
Cake Making Line

Rank: 1180Level: ★★★
The Pizza Guy

Rank: 1180Level: ★★★
Hotdog Hotshot Online
Make hot dogs as fast as you can in this business game!
Rank: 1180Level: ★★★
elsa restaurant breakfast management

Rank: 1180Level: ★★★
Noodle Shop
Run your own noodle shop in this business game!
Level: ★★★
Egg Way

Level: ★★★★
Cooking Cookies

Level: ★★★
Burger Shop

Level: ★★★

Level: ★★★
Summer BBQ Cooking

Shaquita's Bakery

Level: ★★★
Ice Cream Games
Make all sorts of original ice cream in this cooking game!
Level: ★★★
Candyland Collector
Trace to erase in this same game! Connect vertically, horizontally, and diagonally!
Level: ★★★
Daddy Cooking Time

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