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A 360 degree retro style gravity platform game. The Mothership has lost some gears in deep space and "Gravibot" has been dispatched to recover them! You play as 'Gravibot', a robot sent to find all the gears lost in 15 different sectors of space. Explore, jump, avoid enemies, collect all the lost pieces and return to base before the time runs out. Controls: Use Arrow Keys or WASD to move and jump.

<What You Need>
A and D or Left and Right Arrow Keys: to move
W or Up Arrow Key: to jump

<How to Play>
Collect the gears!

1. Click Play Game and then New Game.
2. Move left and right and jump toward different circles to move.
3. The number of gears you've collect is displayed on the bottom left. When you've collected everything, head back to the middle base.
4. If you run out of time, it's game over.
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