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Zombo Buster
Zombo Buster
Line up your anti-zombie squad and protect Medan City from the awful zombification in this strategy game.

<What You Need>
Mouse: to hire soldiers
S Key: to change floors

<How to Play>
Don't let the zombies break in!

1. Click Continue, Continue, Play, New Game, read the explanation, and then click Let's Rock!
2. Click the waiting area on the left to choose from three types of soldiers to hire. Click Start Wave to start the round.
3. When you clear a stage, you'll recieve treasure. Use it to upgrade!
4. You can use the items on the bottom right by clicking on them. If you use them once, you can't use them again.
5. To move soldiers to a different floor, click and drag them with the mouse while pressing the S key. As you progress through the stages, you can change the soldiers' order as well.
6. You can also click the soldiers you have to upgrade them.
7. If the zombies reach the door in front of the soldiers, you'll lose a heart. If you lose all your hearts, it's game over!
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