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you must match three in a line.

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Brilliant Blocks 2
Line up three or more blocks of the same number or color to erase them in this match 3 game!
Rank: 116Level: ★★★★
Zoo Animals

Rank: 229Level: ★★★
Hexa Fever

Rank: 340Level: ★★★
Power Block

Rank: 461Level: ★★★★
Firework Columns
Line up and erase three or more of the same balls! Use the left and right arrows to decide the placement of the falling ball!
Rank: 505Level: ★★★
Fruit Pulp

Rank: 847Level: ★★★
Hexagram Time Attack
Connect three or more stones of the same color to erase them in this hexa game!
Rank: 923Level: ★★★
Lines and Blocks

Rank: 1087Level: ★★★
Candy Bubble

Rank: 1200Level: ★★★

Level: ★★★

Level: ★★★
Gear Mania
Stack the gears to erase them in this puzzle game!
Level: ★★
Lines and blocks 2

Level: ★★★
Falling Elephants
Gather the elephants in this match 3 game! Connect three or more elephants of the same color to erase them! They don't have to be in a straight line!
Level: ★★
Columns Master 2
Line up the blocks in this match 3 game!
Level: ★★★★

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