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《Hidden objects》

Seek and Find Hidden objects games.

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The Grand Canyon

Rank: 63Level: ★★★
Elite Sniper 2
Confront the organization that kidnapped your ex-wife in this sniper game! Look through the scope and defeat your enemies!
Rank: 76Level: ★★★
Medieval Castle Hidden Pieces

Rank: 92Level: ★★★★★
Clockworld Mystery

Rank: 203Level: ★★★
Summer of Love

Rank: 205Level: ★★★

Rank: 245Level: ★★★
The Best Recipe

Rank: 269Level: ★★★
Daltons Farm

Rank: 277Level: ★★★

Rank: 341Level: ★★★
Order of the full Moon

Rank: 360Level: ★★★
Emperors Shadow

Rank: 376Level: ★★★

Rank: 404Level: ★★★
Snail Bob 4
Lead the snail to the exit in this remote control game! Click to put him in and take him out of his shell!
Rank: 417Level: ★★
Summer Cleaning

Rank: 426Level: ★★★
Circus Adventures

Rank: 426Level: ★★★
Abandoned Treasure

Rank: 448Level: ★★
Above the Clouds

Rank: 497Level: ★★★
Cover of Night

Rank: 497Level: ★★★
The Swan River

Rank: 512Level: ★★★
The New Housekeeper

Rank: 550Level: ★★★
Princess Juliet Sewer Escape

Rank: 550Level: ★★
Elven Tale

Rank: 585Level: ★★★
Mysteries of Fraxos

Rank: 585Level: ★★★
Midsummer Love

Rank: 603Level: ★★★
Numbers in the City

Rank: 603Level: ★★★
Samantha Plum: The Globetrotting Chef 3

Rank: 603Level: ★★★
Gardening Tips

Rank: 646Level: ★★★
The Palace Hotel

Rank: 670Level: ★★★
The Wedding Gift

Rank: 670Level: ★★★
Lost on the Road

Rank: 670Level: ★★★
Garden Secrets Hidden Numbers

Rank: 670Level: ★★★
Story Tales
Find the pieces in this hidden objects game!
Rank: 670Level: ★★★★
Easter Egg Hunt

Rank: 698Level: ★★
Titanic: Keys to the Past
Search for the ship's mysteries in this hidden objects game!
Rank: 698Level: ★★★
Train Robbery

Rank: 721Level: ★★★
Charity Sale

Rank: 751Level: ★★★
Hidden Hills
Find the items within the number of clicks in this hidden objects game! Think about which objects you should look for first!
Rank: 751Level: ★★★★
Toms Farm

Rank: 791Level: ★★★
Princess Juliet Castle Escape

Rank: 791Level: ★★
Flower Garden 2

Rank: 791Level: ★★★
Haunted London

Rank: 791Level: ★★★
Fairy Potion

Rank: 791Level: ★★★
Hiddentastic Mansion

Rank: 791Level: ★★★
Ritas Halloween Party

Rank: 791Level: ★★★
Curse of the Ice Queen

Rank: 791Level: ★★★
China Temple

Rank: 831Level: ★★★★
Whispers of Lost Souls

Rank: 831Level: ★★★
Vintage Treasures

Rank: 831Level: ★★★
Shell Challenge

Rank: 831Level: ★★★★
Cloudy Number Search
Find the numbers in this hidden objects game!
Rank: 831Level: ★★
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