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《Hidden objects》

Seek and Find Hidden objects games.

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Purple Morning

Rank: 49Level: ★★★
Curse of the Golden Coins

Rank: 64Level: ★★★
Grandma and Me

Rank: 105Level: ★★★
Elite Sniper 2
Confront the organization that kidnapped your ex-wife in this sniper game! Look through the scope and defeat your enemies!
Rank: 131Level: ★★★
Discover Petra

Rank: 180Level: ★★★
Time Passenger

Rank: 195Level: ★★★
Medieval Castle Hidden Pieces

Rank: 280Level: ★★★★★
Shopping With Style

Rank: 295Level: ★★★
Circus Adventures

Rank: 344Level: ★★★
Abandoned Treasure

Rank: 344Level: ★★
Whispers of Lost Souls

Rank: 384Level: ★★★
Sorcerers School

Rank: 384Level: ★★★
World's Greatest Cities

Rank: 411Level: ★★★
Numbers in the City

Rank: 423Level: ★★★
Hiddentastic Mansion

Rank: 451Level: ★★★
Queen of Midnight

Rank: 460Level: ★★★
The Wedding Gift

Rank: 469Level: ★★★

Rank: 523Level: ★★★
Riddle of the Mountain

Rank: 553Level: ★★★
Princess Juliet Castle Escape

Rank: 553Level: ★★
Garden Secrets Hidden Numbers

Rank: 573Level: ★★★
China Temple

Rank: 573Level: ★★★★
KuCeng - The Treasure Hunter

Rank: 591Level: ★★★
Fall of Darkness

Rank: 591Level: ★★★

Rank: 591Level: ★★★
Bourbon Street Crime

Rank: 591Level: ★★★
Word Bird

Rank: 591Level: ★★★★
Pirates and Treasures

Rank: 591Level: ★★★★
Curse of the Ice Queen

Rank: 615Level: ★★★
Secret of Saqqara

Rank: 615Level: ★★★
Missing Pearls

Rank: 641Level: ★★★
The Bullet
Find the sniper in this gun shooting game!
Rank: 641Level: ★★★
City Numbers
Find numbers within the town in this hidden objects game!
Rank: 667Level: ★★★
The Desert Sun

Rank: 667Level: ★★★
Here Comes The Bride

Rank: 667Level: ★★★
The Disappearance

Rank: 667Level: ★★★
Word Search Classic

Rank: 667Level: ★★★
Searching for Heropolis

Rank: 667Level: ★★★
The Notorious Hacienda

Rank: 667Level: ★★★
Cover of Night

Rank: 702Level: ★★★
Romance at the Farm

Rank: 702Level: ★★★
The Palace Hotel

Rank: 702Level: ★★★
Street Hidden Objects
Look for items within the town!
Rank: 702Level: ★★★
Gem of the Orient

Rank: 731Level: ★★★
Titanic Museum

Rank: 760Level: ★★★
The Princess And The Pea

Rank: 760Level: ★★
Fragments of Beauty

Rank: 802Level: ★★★
Garden Secrets - Hidden Objects Memor

Rank: 802Level: ★★★★★
Island Carnival

Rank: 802Level: ★★★
Snail Bob 7: Fantasy Story
Guide the snail to the exit in this remote control game!
Click to hide him in his shell!
Rank: 802Level: ★★★
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