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《Kids games》

These are fun & educational games for kids.

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Bubble Town
Connect three or more of the same character to erase them them in this bubble shooter game! Some of the characters are sleeping, so it's even cuter!
Rank: 73Level: ★★
Let's play pinball! Passing time is a breeze with this easy-to-play game! How many points can you score? Even kids can play this game!
Rank: 74Level:

Rank: 90Level: ★★★
Star Wings

Rank: 171Level: ★★★
Toy House
Collect the toys in this crane game!
Get your timing right to lower the crane!
Rank: 234Level: ★★
Try To Escape
Escape the approaching ball in this kids game!
Rank: 246Level: ★★
Big Bucks
Build a town in this board game!
Rank: 252Level: ★★★★
Spiral Adventures
Clean up the room in this pastime game!
Rank: 280Level: ★★★★★
Add it Up 2
Add up the numbers to reach the target in this math game!
Rank: 287Level: ★★
Minions Shopping Mania

Rank: 313Level:
Defeat the penguin's enemies in this pastime game! Avoid the explosive and blinking red enemies!
Rank: 345Level: ★★
Penguin Diner 2

Rank: 359Level: ★★★
The Animal Zoo

Rank: 392Level: ★★★
Farm Hero

Rank: 400Level: ★★★★
Pet Daycare

Rank: 404Level: ★★★
Kitty Biscuit Factory

Rank: 404Level:
Doughnut Inspector
A donut bubble shooter! You can't choose the direction to throw them, so it's pretty tough!
Rank: 437Level: ★★★★
Angry Hungry Fish
Eat the other fish to grow in this kids game! Eat fish smaller than yourself!
Rank: 474Level: ★★
South Africa 2010
Choose a team and aim to win in this soccer game!
Rank: 474Level: ★★★
Airplane Cleanup

Rank: 573Level:
Puzzle Freak 2

Rank: 587Level: ★★★
Skid MK

Rank: 587Level: ★★★
Math Minute - Coins
Add coins in this math game! Solve the problems as fast as you can!
Rank: 587Level: ★★
Coffee Bubble
Connect three or more bubbles of the same color to erase them in this match 3 game! Don't let the bubbles reach the bottom line!
Rank: 608Level:
Princess Juliet Prison Escape

Rank: 608Level: ★★
Balloon Shooting
Shoot the floating balloons and earn a high score in this shooting game!
Rank: 662Level: ★★★
Soccer Stars
Be the tournament champion in this soccer game!
Rank: 662Level: ★★★★
Bloons 2
Use darts to pop the balloons in this stress relief game!
Rank: 703Level: ★★★★
Lucky Coins
Enjoy this fun coin toss game!
Rank: 733Level: ★★★
Musim Jambul
Do her hair in time with the tempo in this sound game!
Rank: 772Level: ★★★
Sniper Olympic
Shoot and get in people's way in this kids game! Make the old man win!
Rank: 818Level: ★★
Princess Juliet Carnival Escape

Rank: 818Level: ★★★
Princess Juliet School Escape

Rank: 862Level: ★★★
Puppy Pet Care
Clean the room in this pet game! Throw away the garbage and put away the tools!
Rank: 862Level: ★★
Melon Games
Erase the fruit in this kids game! Connect three or more to erase them!
Rank: 862Level: ★★
The Vomitos
Feed the cute Vomitos character in this caretaker game!
Rank: 862Level:
Job Runner!
Get to your office as fast as you can in this pastime game! They won't forgive you if you're late!
Rank: 918Level: ★★
Baby Care Rush

Rank: 970Level: ★★★
Click Play Rainbow
Click the screen in various places in this kids game! Look for the triangle button!
Rank: 970Level: ★★
Alien Cars Math Race
Solve the multiplication problems in this math game!
Rank: 1023Level: ★★
Gold Miner

Rank: 1023Level: ★★★
Smash the color creatures and save up ink in this mini game!
Rank: 1105Level: ★★★★
Move the panels to make a figure in this kids game! Use all the panels!
Rank: 1105Level: ★★
Mahjong Ember
Erase pairs of tiles in this mahjong game!
You can click any of the blocks you can see, so it's easy!
Rank: 1105Level: ★★
Dolphin Show 4
Perform tricks with dolphins in this kids game!
Rank: 1196Level: ★★★
Sofia the First Spot the Numbers
Find the numbers in this hidden objects game! Click with the middle of the magnifying glass!
Rank: 1196Level: ★★
Lets Go Fishing!
You have two minutes of fishing in this fishing game! How many fish can you catch?
Rank: 1196Level: ★★
Soccer World Cup 2010

Rank: 1196Level: ★★★
Rosy's CB Dolphin Undersea

Level: ★★★
Cook for Santa
Match the slots according to the directions and give sweets to Santa in this christmas game!
Level: ★★
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