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These are funny ocean games.

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Treasures of Atlantis

Rank: 9Level: ★★★
Aqua Blitz 2

Rank: 63Level: ★★★
Sea Bubble Pirates 2

Rank: 100Level: ★★★
Aqua Blitz

Rank: 137Level: ★★★
Angry Hungry Fish
Eat the other fish to grow in this kids game! Eat fish smaller than yourself!
Rank: 400Level: ★★
Sea Treasure Match

Rank: 520Level: ★★★
Fish Crunch
Eat the smaller fish to get bigger in this pastime game!
Rank: 541Level: ★★★
War Against Submarine 2
Drop underwater mines in this shooter game! Save money to buy items!
Rank: 557Level: ★★★
Princess Pinky Underwater Escape

Rank: 657Level: ★★★
Triple Mahjong 2

Rank: 945Level: ★★★
Sea Journey
Connect three or more of the same icon to fight in this match 3 game!
Rank: 945Level: ★★★★
Erase the sea creatures in this match 3 game!
Rank: 945Level: ★★★★
Awesome Pirates
Fight off the pirates in this pastime game! Can you hit moving targets?
Rank: 1035Level: ★★★★
Ocean Bubbles

Rank: 1035Level: ★★★
My Dolphin Show 7

Rank: 1035Level: ★★★
Fish in Trouble
Save the sinking fish in this same game!
Rank: 1124Level: ★★★
Sun and Fun
Serve the beachgoers in this shop game!
Rank: 1226Level: ★★★
Trash Typer
Enter the vocabulary in this typing game!
Level: ★★★
My Dolphin Show 6

Level: ★★★
Treasure Seas Inc

Level: ★★★
Deep Sea Diver

Level: ★★★★
Lake Fishing2

Deep Sea Fishing

Level: ★★
Dolphin Show 4
Perform tricks with dolphins in this kids game!
Level: ★★★
Green Submarine
Save the boat in this mini game! Cut the chains and make the boat float!
Level: ★★★★
Feed Us: Happy
Eat the fish and collect blood in this mini game! You can upgrade with the blood you collect!
Level: ★★★★★
Frizzle Fraz 6

Level: ★★★
Squid Tag
Run through the ink in this fun game!
Level: ★★★★

Level: ★★★
Parachute S.O.S.
Save the parachute in this fun game!
Level: ★★★★
Catch some big fish in this fishing game!
Level: ★★★
Fish Hunter
Catch the swimming fish in this kids game!
Level: ★★
Doggy Dive

Level: ★★★
Sea Bubble Shooter

Level: ★★★
Rescue the Divers

Level: ★★★
Rescue The Divers 2

Level: ★★★
The Immersion

Level: ★★★
My Dolphin Show 8

Level: ★★★
Navy Princess
Dress up the girl in marine style in this dressup game!
Level: ★★★
Catch The Fish
Catch the swimming fish in this fishing game!
Level: ★★★
Rosy's CB Dolphin Undersea

Level: ★★★
Icy Fishes
Set off all the bombs in this bomb game! Collect all the treasure boxes and gems!
Level: ★★
Deeper in the Ocean
Aim for the depths of the sea in this adventure game! Head farther and farther down, grabbing treasure chests along the way! Watch your remaining air!
Level: ★★★
Pirates of the Stupid Seas
Destroy the ships in this sea story game! Be fast and accurate!
Level: ★★★★
A Little Shark
Eat the fish in this pastime game! If they touch you, your health will decrease!
Level: ★★★
Fish and Destroy 2
Don't get attacked by the fish in this game!
Level: ★★★★
Meow Force
Cats protect their ship from sharks in this ocean game.
Level: ★★★
My Dolphin Show 5

Level: ★★★
Water World

Boat Rush
Progress through the narrow canal in this difficult game!
Level: ★★★★★
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