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These games are simple & mini games.

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Pocket Pool
Pass time with the best pool game around! The table bounds are marked, so aiming is a cinch! Be careful not to accidentally shoot the cue ball into the pocket! Relax with a game of pool!
Rank: 23Level: ★★
Let's play pinball! Passing time is a breeze with this easy-to-play game! How many points can you score? Even kids can play this game!
Rank: 53Level:
Line up three or more woobies of the same color! Dropping the woobies on top to the bottom is refreshing!
Rank: 179Level: ★★

Rank: 232Level: ★★★
Kindergarten Creator

Rank: 366Level:

Rank: 386Level: ★★
Math Challenge

Rank: 390Level: ★★
Monkey GO Happy Marathon

Rank: 405Level: ★★★
Sydney Shark

Rank: 593Level: ★★
Gibbets 3

Rank: 632Level: ★★★
Monkey GO Happy 5

Rank: 738Level: ★★★

Rank: 759Level: ★★★★
Mini Golf

Rank: 809Level: ★★★
Train Escape

Rank: 819Level: ★★★
Tic Tac Toe

Rank: 862Level: ★★★

Rank: 1058Level: ★★★★
Monkey GO Happy Marathon 3

Rank: 1078Level: ★★★
3 Rabbits Puzzle 2
Fit the pieces together in this puzzle game! Complete the puzzle! You can only use the pieces with the correct answer in places with equations!
Rank: 1117Level: ★★★★
Building Blocks

Rank: 1181Level: ★★★
4In 1Line

Rank: 1206Level: ★★★★
Monkey Go Happy
Make everyone happy in this mystery game! Solve various problems!
Rank: 1231Level: ★★
Monkey Go Happy 2
Play pranks in this mystery game! Click various things!
Level: ★★
Fish in Trouble

Level: ★★★
Bloons 2

Level: ★★★★
Monkey GO Happy Marathon 2

Level: ★★★
ClickPLAY! Rainbow

Level: ★★
Monkey GO Happy 4

Level: ★★★
Bricks-Squasher V1

Level: ★★★
Wedding Dress Up Bride

Truck Racer

Level: ★★
Housewife vs Zombies

Level: ★★
Save the Birds

Level: ★★
Brainless Zombie
Become human again in this zombie game! Take the pink brains!
Level: ★★

Level: ★★★

Level: ★★★

Level: ★★
Franky The Fish 2

Level: ★★★
Flies In Bubbles

Level: ★★★
Crazy Keepups

Level: ★★★
Grizzly Adventure

Level: ★★★
Monkey Go Happy Marathon 4
Play pranks in this mystery game! Collect coins and buy toys for the monkeys!
Level: ★★
Twin Shot

Level: ★★★
Tiger Puzzle

Level: ★★
Ping Pong

Level: ★★★
Skullhunter - ricochet

Level: ★★★
Monkey Go Happy 3
Make everyone happy in this mystery game! Solves various problems!
Level: ★★
Doodle Chicks
Escapre from the dolls in this mini game! If you don't have all the keys, the door won't open!
Level: ★★★★
Missy Messy
Clean up the house in this pastime game! Don't forget to repair anything that's broken!
Level: ★★★
Ocean Call

Level: ★★★★
Cours Panda Cours

Level: ★★★
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