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These games are simple & mini games.

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Let's play pinball! Passing time is a breeze with this easy-to-play game! How many points can you score? Even kids can play this game!
Rank: 83Level:
Line up three or more woobies of the same color! Dropping the woobies on top to the bottom is refreshing!
Rank: 113Level: ★★

Rank: 258Level: ★★★
Math Challenge

Rank: 271Level: ★★

Rank: 393Level: ★★★★

Rank: 441Level: ★★
Train Escape

Rank: 568Level: ★★★
4In 1Line

Rank: 613Level: ★★★★
Monkey GO Happy 5

Rank: 613Level: ★★★
Fish in Trouble

Rank: 758Level: ★★★
Sydney Shark

Rank: 839Level: ★★
Gibbets 3

Rank: 839Level: ★★★
Building Blocks

Rank: 862Level: ★★★
Click various places on the screen in this mystery game! Just thinking won't help!
Rank: 903Level: ★★★★
Monkey Go Happy 2
Play pranks in this mystery game! Click various things!
Rank: 937Level: ★★
Tic Tac Toe

Rank: 1057Level: ★★★
Tiger Puzzle

Rank: 1179Level: ★★
Wedding Dress Up Bride

Rank: 1179Level:
Monkey Go Happy
Make everyone happy in this mystery game! Solve various problems!
Rank: 1179Level: ★★
Stick And Spin

Rank: 1226Level: ★★★
Kindergarten Creator

Gogo Pets Puzzle

Level: ★★★
Car Bridge

Level: ★★★
Feed Them All
Protect the sheep in this defense game! Place meat in the monsters' paths! You only need one to protect the sheep, but if you make the monsters eat a lot, you'll get more money!
Level: ★★★
Girl Club Hidden Numbers

Level: ★★
Monkey GO Happy Marathon

Level: ★★★
Franky The Fish 2

Level: ★★★
Mini Golf

Level: ★★★
Bloons 2

Level: ★★★★
3 Rabbits Puzzle 2
Fit the pieces together in this puzzle game! Complete the puzzle! You can only use the pieces with the correct answer in places with equations!
Level: ★★★★
Monkey Go Happy 3
Make everyone happy in this mystery game! Solves various problems!
Level: ★★
Frizzle Frazz 5
Save all of your friends in this mini game!
The door won't open unless you save everyone!
Level: ★★★
Jungle Way

Level: ★★★

Level: ★★
Monkey GO Happy 4

Level: ★★★
Truck Racer

Level: ★★
Hamsterz Superstar

Level: ★★★
Helium Rush
Drop the rocks in this mini game! Pop the ballons, drop the rocks, and take down the zombies!
Level: ★★★★
Monkey Go Happy Marathon 4
Play pranks in this mystery game! Collect coins and buy toys for the monkeys!
Level: ★★
Doodle Chicks
Escapre from the dolls in this mini game! If you don't have all the keys, the door won't open!
Level: ★★★★
Flies In Bubbles

Level: ★★★
Crazy Keepups

Level: ★★★
Monkey GO Happy Marathon 2

Level: ★★★
Aunts Fighting

Level: ★★★
Ocean Call
Move safely in this mystery game! The turtle moves slowly, but surely!
Level: ★★★★

Level: ★★★
Cure the Zombies
Save zombies in this zombie game! Grab the medicine and return the zombies to being human!
Level: ★★★
Monkey Go Happy Marathon 3
Make everyone happy in this mini game! Solve the various problems!
Level: ★★★
Missy Messy
Clean up the house in this pastime game! Don't forget to repair anything that's broken!
Level: ★★★
Straight to the Exit 3
Head straight for the exit in this mini game! Get rid of ivy with bombs of the same color!
Level: ★★
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