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Rest games,Easy online games for spending leisure time.

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Toy House
Collect the toys in this crane game!
Get your timing right to lower the crane!
Rank: 234Level: ★★
Big Joes Homerun Challenge
Return the pitch and get a home run in this baseball game!
Rank: 287Level: ★★★
Pin Headz
Throw the ball and knock down as many pins as you can in this bowling game!
Rank: 287Level: ★★★
Invisible Hero
Look through the scope and attack your enemies in this sniper game!
Rank: 303Level: ★★★
Evil Defense
Protect the crystal from the attacking monsters in this defense game!
Rank: 306Level: ★★★
Cannon Basketball 2
Shoot the balls in this relaxing game! Send the balls into the goal while picking up the stars!
Rank: 332Level: ★★★
Command & Defend Russia
Become a commander and protect your defensive line from the enemy forces in this defense game!
Rank: 369Level: ★★★
Insects TD
Place the ladybugs and defeat the approaching insects in this defense game!
Rank: 424Level: ★★★
Flying Cheese

Rank: 448Level: ★★
Angry Hungry Fish
Eat the other fish to grow in this kids game! Eat fish smaller than yourself!
Rank: 474Level: ★★
Pet Detective Case
Become a detective and find the missing pets in this hidden objects game!
Rank: 608Level: ★★★
Dream Princess Today
Find out what sort of princess you are today in this divination game!
Rank: 608Level: ★★★
Park My Tank
Drive the tank into the parking space in this parking game!
Rank: 662Level: ★★★
Virus Wars!
Place the vaccines to fight off the viruses in this defense game!
Rank: 662Level: ★★★
Balloon Shooting
Shoot the floating balloons and earn a high score in this shooting game!
Rank: 662Level: ★★★
Day of the Cats: Episode 1

Rank: 662Level: ★★★
Babel Tower Builder
Build the tower using blocks in this concentration game!
Rank: 703Level: ★★★
Super Tractor
Control the tractor and head for the goal in this truck game!
Rank: 703Level: ★★★
Freddy Fishing Fun
Help Freddy catch the required number and type of fish in this fishing game!
Rank: 733Level: ★★★
Match your timing with the boards in this sound game!
Rank: 733Level: ★★★
Speedy Bubbles
Connect three or more of the same balls together to erase them in this puzzle game!
Rank: 733Level: ★★★
Minimal Pong

Rank: 733Level: ★★
Emma - Valentines
Find the differences between Emma's valentines in this difference game!
Rank: 772Level: ★★★
2x2 Volleyball
Control the two players and win against the other team in this volleyball game!
Rank: 772Level: ★★★
Kamaz Jungle 2
Control the truck and make your way out of the jungle toward the goal in this truck game!
Rank: 772Level: ★★★
Abduct All Humans
Control the UFO and destroy the helicopters as you abduct humans in this shooting game!
Rank: 818Level: ★★★
Art Thief
Find the code within the time limit in this pastime game!
Rank: 862Level: ★★★
Catches Win Matches
Catch the balls in this sports game!
Rank: 862Level: ★★★★★
Hiding and Kissing
Keep the couple from being caught kissing in this kissing game!
Rank: 862Level: ★★★
The Mile High Club
Golf in the sky in this golf game!
Rank: 862Level: ★★★
Olympic Challenge
Control the players, jump the hurdles, pilot the yacht, and win in shotput in this sports game!
Rank: 1023Level: ★★★
Gold Miner

Rank: 1023Level: ★★★

Rank: 1023Level: ★★
World Cup PK
Control the world players and make a penalty kick in this pro soccer game!
Rank: 1105Level: ★★★
Deep Ocean Bubble
Connect three or more balloons of the same color to erase them in this bubble shooter game!
Rank: 1105Level: ★★★
Gravity 2
Throw the meteors into the sun in this pastime game!
Rank: 1105Level: ★★★
Prince And Princess Metamorphosis

Rank: 1196Level: ★★★
Eva D'Elf Bad Teeth

Level: ★★
Donut Empire
Run your donut business in this business game!
Level: ★★★
True Basketball
Assist the shot and get a basket in this basketball game!
Level: ★★★
Help the slime break the boards in this action game!
Level: ★★★
1 Player Pong

Level: ★★★
Anti Body
Defeat the virus and protect your body in this fun game!
Level: ★★
Happy Bike
Steer the bike and collect the coins in this motorbike game!
Level: ★★
Chicken Shoot
Put the chickens in the pool in this relaxating game!
Level: ★★★
12 Seconds
Hit the balls farther and farther in 12 seconds in this golf game!
Level: ★★★
PB Freekick
A free kick soccer game!
Level: ★★★
Minion Puzzle Story

Level: ★★
From Computer Kingdom

Level: ★★
Classroom Search
Find things in the classroom!
The time will run out quickly!
Level: ★★
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