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Frog Puzzle
Frog Puzzle
<What You Need>
Left and Right Arrow Keys: to move the frogs left and right
Up Arrow Key: to change the order of the frogs
Down Arrow Key: to speed up the fall

<How to Play>

1. Line up three or more frogs of the same color vertically, horizontally, or diagonally to erase them automatically. The leaves are the same.
2. Change the order of the falling frogs with the up arrow key, and make them fall faster with the down arrow key.
3. As the game progresses, the frogs will fall faster, making it more difficult!
4. If the frogs reach the top of the screen, it's game over!

3 frogs erased: 30 points
4 frogs erased: 90 points
5 frogs erased: 180 points

<Basic 3-Frog Point Formula>

1 combo= 30 points
2 combo= 30 points + 30 point bonus (Total Score: 30+60= 90 points)
3 combo= 30 points + 60 point bonus (Total Score: 90+90= 180 points)
4 combo= 30 points + 90 point bonus (Total Score: 180+120=300 points)
5 combo= 30 points + 120 point bonus (Total Score: 300+150= 450 points)
*Leaves get a 100 point bonus.
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