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Mine Sweeper
Mine Sweeper
<What You Need>

<How to Play>

1. Figure out where the mines are and open up all the other blocks!
2. You can choose 16x16 mode or 25x18 mode.
3. The number of mines in a block's surrounding 8 blocks in written within the block itself. Use the numbers to predict where the neighboring bombs are.
4. When you know there's a bomb on a square, use the spacebar to put a flag on it. Hit the spacebar again to erase the flag.
5. When there's a flag in the middle of 8 squares, double click a number square to reveal all the numbers around it. If you put a flag where there isn't a bomb, it's game over.
6. If you touch a mine or run out of time, it's game over!

The faster you finish the board, the higher your score!
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