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<What You Need>

<How to Play>
Called on in the bottom of the 9th, can you save this struggling team?

1. Choose the Bottom of the Ninth or Arcade mode to start.
2. In Bottom of the Ninth...
Choose your team name, color, and skill level, then click Next. Begin your attack from the bottom of the ninth!
3. In Arcade...
Choose your team name, skin color, bat logo, and skill level, then click Next. Score as many points as possible against the 10 pitchers!
(General Instructions)
4. There is an explanation at the beginning of the game. To continue reading, click Next. To start the game immediately, click Skip.
5. When the pitcher throw the balls, the ball's placement will be displayed.
6. Use your mouse to move the red circle and match the display.
-If it's you're little low, it'll go up! If you're a little high, it'll go down!
-If you move a little left or right, the ball will also go to the left or right.
7. Time your click carefully to hit the ball!
8. To have another ball thrown, click Next Pitch.
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