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Papa Cupcakeria
Papa Cupcakeria
Bake the best cupcakes in town all year round in Papa's Cupcakeria! You'll need to choose baking cups, add batter, watch the oven, and decorate your cupcakes with a variety of frosting and toppings. As you level up and gain new customers, you'll notice the seasons changing in the town of Frostfield, along with new holiday celebrations! Help your customers get in the holiday spirit with seasonal clothing, furniture, and a new set of unlockable seasonal toppings for each holiday. Work your way through each holiday season to unlock over 100 ingredients, and become a cupcake-crafting master!

<What you Need>

<How to Play>
Let's make some cupcakes!

1. Click Continue, Play, New Game, and choose a character.
2. Take orders, click the Batter Station, and bake the cupcake. Put it in the over, and the continue to cook it until it reaches the "just right" line. If you let it cook too long, it will spill over. If you make a mistake, hit the x to throw things away.
3. Take cupcakes that are finished baking to the Build Station. Decorate the cupcake according to the order ticket (and in that order). If you have two or more orders at once, line up the tickets on the top.
4. The value will go up if you did well!
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