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Play as a Ninja Penguin slicing his way through a fleet of Pirate Fishes invading your kingdom. You must kill as many pirates as you can! Run n' Slice! -Endless running game -Easy controls. Use arrow keys to move up and down. -Auto attack; slice those pirates! -Tons of upgrades and achievements!

<What You Need>
Up Arrow Key: to jump (hit twice to double jump)
Down Arrow Key: to move down
Spacebar: to use your special skill (when the gauge is full)

<How to Play>
Defeat the penguin's enemies!

1. Click Play and Skip.
2. Then penguin will run automatically and attack when there are enemies.
3. If you run into an explosive enemy or an enemy blinking red, it's game over!
4. When the gauge on the left is full, hit the spacebar to unlease your special skill!
5. Use the points your save to change your character and buy new skills by clicking Upgrade.
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