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Mahjong Titans

Rank: 1Level: ★★★
Same Game
Erase two or more neighboring blocks of the same color in this same game! The key is where you start erasing them! Challenge your brain to collect lots of blocks and erase them all in one go!
Rank: 2Level: ★★★★
Puzzle Mahjong
Erase tiles with the same pattern in this Sichuan mahjong game! Hurry, hurry as time ticks by! Don't run out of pairs in the end!
Rank: 3Level: ★★★
Exercise your brain with this familiar mahjong game--you can't shuffle the tiles! Can you solve this difficult puzzle?
Rank: 4Level: ★★★★
Best Classic Solitaire

Rank: 5Level: ★★★
Swap Hexa
Erase three or more of the same blocks in this puzzle game! You can only swap neighboring blocks, so think hard! You'll get hungry just looking at all the delicious food blocks!
Rank: 7Level: ★★★★
Bubble Shooter HD

Rank: 8Level: ★★★
Treasures of Atlantis

Rank: 9Level: ★★★
Crisscross Logic
Use the crisscrossing numbers as hints to find squares with no bombs in this math game! It's the world's hardest game! If you click a square with a bomb, it will explode!
Rank: 11Level: ★★★★★
Bouncing Balls 2
Connect three or more balls of the same color in this bubble shooter game! Bounce the balls against the edge of the screen as well! If the balls reach the bottom of the screen, it's game over!
Rank: 15Level: ★★★
10 Lines
Make sums of 10 to erase the balls in this math game! If the balls get sucked into the hole, it's game over!
Rank: 16Level: ★★★
Frog Puzzle
Frogs are falling from the sky in this tetris-style game! Line up three frogs of the same color to erase them! If you don't hurry, they'll pile up and it'll be game over before you know it...!
Rank: 16Level: ★★
Daily Solitaire

Rank: 18Level: ★★★
Master Qwans Mahjong

Rank: 19Level: ★★★
2020 Plus

Rank: 21Level: ★★★
Snow Queen 5

Rank: 23Level: ★★★
Cookie Crush 3

Rank: 24Level: ★★★
Garden Tales

Rank: 25Level: ★★★

Rank: 26Level: ★★★
Smarty Bubbles
Shoot bubbles in the Christmas night sky!
Rank: 28Level: ★★★
bubble shooter world cup

Rank: 29Level: ★★★
Plus Plus
Add the numbers to equal the mission number in this math game! Your equations can be as simple as you like, but you can also train your brain! Even if you're bad at math, you can start here!
Rank: 30Level: ★★★★
Forest Match

Rank: 31Level: ★★★
Snow Queen 4

Rank: 34Level: ★★★
Free Cell

Rank: 36Level: ★★★★

Rank: 37Level: ★★★★★
Candy Rain 6

Rank: 38Level: ★★★

Rank: 39Level: ★★★
Bubble Shooter 3
Connect and erase three or more balls of the same color in this passtime game! You can also aim for the top to drop everything below! If the balls reach the bottom line, it's game over!
Rank: 40Level: ★★★
Butterfly Kyodai

Rank: 42Level: ★★★
Garden Tales 2

Rank: 42Level: ★★★

Rank: 45Level: ★★★
Black and White Dimensions

Rank: 46Level: ★★★
Bubble Shooter FREE

Rank: 47Level: ★★★
Mahjong Black and White

Rank: 48Level: ★★★★

Rank: 49Level: ★★★
Animal Mahjong
A cute mahjong game with less squares than usual mahjong! As you level up, the animals also get quite difficult and become formidable!
Rank: 50Level: ★★★★
Make Friends
Jump over your opponent's characters to make them your own! Player against the computer in this board game-like Othello game! Feel your boredom melt away!
Rank: 51Level: ★★★
Mahjongg Titans

Rank: 52Level: ★★★
Klondike Solitaire

Rank: 53Level: ★★★★★
Plus Minus
Match negatives and positives to get to the mission sum! You'll train your brain and get surprisingly addicted to this game! Aim for a high score!
Rank: 54Level: ★★★★
Sweet Candies

Rank: 55Level: ★★★
Jewels Blitz 4

Rank: 57Level: ★★★
Farm Girl

Rank: 58Level: ★★★
Same Crash
Welcome to an updated same game! This time, all the blocks are flying up from the bottom! It's both thrilling and frustrating!
Rank: 59Level: ★★★★
Kid Witch
Let's help out this cute little witch! Place the items in open spaces in this puzzle game! Think fast and stop all the lanes!
Rank: 60Level: ★★
Spider Solitaire Classic

Rank: 60Level: ★★★★
Bubble Tower 3D

Rank: 64Level: ★★★
Solitaire Story 2

Rank: 66Level: ★★★
Cookie Crush Christmas

Rank: 67Level: ★★★
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